Trading Terms and Conditions

The agreement is composed and agreed between Sunlong Australia Pty Ltd (Sunlongarden) and customers regarding the supply of goods.

“Sunlongarden” is the trade name of Sunlong Australia Pty Ltd

1.  Prices
•  The price quoted for the goods is the net price, which does not include GST unless GST is indicated.
•  The company reserves the right to adjust the price before confirmation of orders. The altered prices and conditions shall be informed to customers as soon as possible.
•  The freight charge will be paid by customers additionally, where applicable.
•  Any quotation issued by the company is not an offer or obligation to sell, but an invitation to treat only.

2.  Orders
•  Requires full container load, or MOQ A$5,000.00 excl. GST, whichever comes first.
•  The company reserves the right to accept part of orders, refuse or cancel orders.
•  Cancellation or change of orders by customer may cause up to 20% of payment of the full invoice.

3.  Payment
•  The customer must pay for the goods in full amount within the period specified on the invoices or sales contracts. Otherwise it will be done by the end of the calendar month, following the date of invoice to the customer.
•  Any payment not made within the specified period will attract interests until completion of the full payment. Interests vary daily and accordingly.
•  The credit application must be filled if the payment will be paid completely over 30 days.

4.  Delivery
•  The date of delivery written in the statement is an approximate estimation only. The company will ensure high efficiency of delivery with best effort.
•  The company has no obligation for compensation of any consequential loss or damage, including negligence, during transportation. 

5.  Acceptance and Return
•  Inspection of the goods must be done by customers upon delivery. Notice of receiving wrong items must be informed to us within 7 days once delivery is completed. 
•  All sold-out items are not refundable after 7 days of the invoice. Re-stocking charge, 10% of the goods, applies to returned items within 7 days from the invoice date. 
•  The company will only accept return of goods in accordance with return authorisation.
•  Customers must wrap and pack the returned goods properly, to avoid any further damage during transportation.

6.  Warranty
•  Warranty Period: All products generally come with one-year warranty, from the date of purchase indicated on your tax invoice. Otherwise, it will be indicated on the invoice or the sales contract
•  Warranty Cover: The company is not responsible for any damage during transportation or installation done by customers. The warranty covers only those defects, which arise as a result of normal uses, and does not apply to any improper uses or during transportation done by customers.
•  Return and Refund (Repair or replacement of faulty products during the warranty period): refunds are only applicable to products under warranty, and to the products no longer available or un-repairable. 
•  The customer is not entitled to make any representation or commend on warranty to other individuals, on behalf of Sunlongarden.